Monday, March 2, 2009


Just getting through the Texas Ghost is a really quick read though, so I imagine I will have it finished very soon!

I sat down last night, actually early this morning, after work to settle into Being Committed By Anna Maxted, but didn't get very far, as my eyes started to drift closed, so I just said "I'll read when I get up", and disappointedly set my book back down and went to sleep!

So, I am excited to pick up that one here pretty soon, when I get done with my chores for the day. It is cold out, so what better to do than curl up in bed, (my favorite place to read) with coffee, and a bowl of Frito's (A favorite reading snack) and disappear into the world of Hannah, the main character of this book. This book is set in England, which I love, because I enjoy reading a different lingo than what we have here in the's cute, and fascinating. know? Chores be damned...I'm gonna curl up with it now!


Robert said...

Shame on you! What will your DH say when he gets home to find out you haven't done your chores?! lol He'll prolly tell you he loves you and that he hopes you enjoyed your book.