Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving right along

Well, this week so far i have finished two books:
-"Leaving Eden" by Anne Le DeClaire and
-"Wyoming Kid" by Debbie MacComber

Both were pretty good, I would give "Leaving Eden" an A, and "Wyoming Kid" a B.

And now I am onto two new ones:
"The Secret Hour" by Luanne Rice, and "The Woman Next Door" by: Barbara Delinsky.

I started the secret hour when i finished leaving eden on Sunday and I just started The woman next door tonight after finishing Wyoming Kid. I really want to finish my 50 book goal for this year.

I still have yet to finish the last Harry potter book, although it is going along pretty quickly, I am more than half finished with it, but I needed a break so decided to see if i could finish these other two first then resume with Harry Potter, and now I'm done withthose two and am hopin got see Harry potter finished by the end of this week. We shall see.

Monday, September 10, 2007

And moving on with Harry Potter #6

O-k! Harry Potter #5 just took me FOREVER to read!!! I don't know what the problem was, but I have heard from various sources and other fans that #5 was a hard one for everyone. I was glad to hear it wasn't just me!

So, I started #6 just the other day, I have a goal finish it this week. And seeing as how quickly it is going (much faster than the previous one) I think I may actually be able to finish the entire series by my original goal date: September 20th. Maybe! Because my bookshelf on my headboard of my bed is OVERFLOWING with new books that need my attention!!!! So, I am hoping to be able to reach that goal. Wish me luck!

After Harry Potter I plan on returning to finish the other two books I was in the middle of when I went on my Potter craze: "Wyoming kid" By: Debbie Mac Comber. Don't laugh, and I am a bit ashamed, but it is a short not quite 300 page Harlequin romance. Yeah I know. I am a big McComber fan though, and that is the only reason I picked it up. And the other one I was working my way through was "Leaving Eden" by Anne Le Declaire. Which I was thoroughly enjoying, I am looking forward to getting back to it.

I don't know why, but I am not one who can read several books at once. I used to be, but lately it's one at a time for me!

After those two I am not sure what I will read next. Possibly #2 in the Kristin Bellerbeck trilogy I was reading. Or maybe a classic. I don't know, for now though I need to get through these Potter books, then we'll see. I still want to finish 50 books this year but I really am not seeing that happening. It is way late in the game, and unless I read and do nothing else, I don't think my 50 book goal will actually happen! But I will keep you posted! Well, I am off to read for a bit before going to bed.