Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Reads

This month has not been too bad with the reading, I think it coulda been a bit better, but I am stuck reading 2 chunksters (one of which is War and Peace) and also The House of Mirth, which is a classic, so it's not an easy read per towards the end of the month I decided to pick up two easy fun and light reads (One by Sarah Dessen, and one by Emily Giffin) and finished those two in a matter of three days after not having finished a single one for almost 2 weeks straight.

Well lets see what I got to:

1)The Memory Keepers Daughter By: Kim Edwards 5/5
2) The Interruption of Everything By: Terry MacMillan 5/5
3. The Red Queen By: Philippa Greggory 5/5
4) Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World By: Joanna Weaver 5/5
5) That summer by Sarah Dessen 5/5
6) Something Blue By Emily Giffin 5/5

So I read quite a few really great books this month!! Or I guess I should say I FINISHED a few good books this month! I am still sloggin through War and Peace, which totally slowed me down, but I am on page 1070 out of 1455 on that one, so less than 400 pages now!! Exciting! So I was reading some not so great books as well, but all the ones I finished I loved! Some really really great stuff!

TBR Challenge Books: 2
Non fiction: 1
Library: 3