Wednesday, December 31, 2008


While early on in this blog I mentioned a few challenges and noted that I had signed up for a few and totally bombed. So I'd made the decision not to take up challenges, as I just don't feel really well about myself when I fail to meet the challenges expectations. However I sorta like the idea of striving toward finishing a set challenge, or a list of books to be read. So, while I have pretty much made my decision not to sign up for any challenges publicly, I HAVE decided that I would like to make a few personal challenges just for myself. Just to give myself something to work towards. But since they will be personal challenges, I won't feel bad if I fail to post on a public forum or don't meet the requirements,'s personal. =) So, look on my sidebar if you want to see the challenges I have set out for myself. Feel free to take up any challenges with me that you see there, and make comments here at my blog to let me know you are doing the challenge with me, but there are no limitations, or rules. Just the rules I set out for myself. We'll see how I do with these. This will also give me a another reason to keep this blog updated as well.

I still have not finished #8 of Cedar Cove Series, but I am hoping to have it finished before I head off for work at 8 pm.

Happy New the 1 person who reads this blog! LOL!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full Bloom

I just finished Full Bloom by Janet Evanovich, it's book #5 of the "Full" Series written by her and a co author, Charlotte Hughes. I'd give it a B. Right now I am trying to finish the 8th book in the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. I have less than 50 pages now so am thinking it will be the last one on my list of books read for 2008.

I am also in the middle of A Bend in the Road by Nicolas Sparks. It is really good, and a fast read. I'm pretty sure that once I finish The MacComber book and really settle into it I will have it finished by the end of the first week of next year!

I know I have totally sucked at this blogging thing this year, but I am really hopin got pick it up and be serious about it next year. I have just had alot of stuff going on,but still reading. I edited my sidebar to add all the books I have read this year, so you can see I am still crusing through books, but just not taken the time to sit and blog about them.

I don't own them yet, but hope to be able to read the "Full series" by Janet and Charlotte in 2009. Of course I have many, many other books that I already own that I should finish this rate I will be getting back to the "Full Series" in about We'll see.

I have seen at some other book blogs that there is a Pulitzer Prize reading challenge. I have that listed as books to be read. I believe there are 82 of them, and so that would take me awhile. There is no time limit on the challenge, so I could possibly do it. We shall see. SOOO many books to get through...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

I have not posted here in forever, pretty much just because nobody ever reads this thing, but I really want to keep a journal of my books. So, I think I will do so, even tho I don't think anyone reads it.

This year, I thought I would try to read 65 books, even though last year my goal was to read 50 and only made it to 36, I think. So, if I couldn't make it to 50 I don't know what makes me think I can make it to 65. I guess I could if i did absolutely nothing but read, but that won't happen simply because I enjoy many things, and won't just read and do nothing else.

So far this year I have read 18 books. I just finished #18 last night and started #19.

"The secret life of bees" This book has been around the block. I have seen it mentioned on several blogs, and i have finally gotten to it myself. I cannot put it down. It is just flying right on. Which is good, because I have been in a buying mood for...well for most of this year actually. i am a member of, and oh man! It is toooooo easy to buy buy buy!!! All I do is pay for postage. So, I love it, but my to be read shelf is overflowing!!!!

I keep telling myself "I'll wait until next year to even think about buying any new books," and then! there I go, ordering more!!! or I tell myself I will wait until I have read 10 books before I order 1! That doesn't work either! I need to have my credit card taken away! lol. Ok, I am off to read some more of Secret life...rating and review to come soon!