Wednesday, December 31, 2008


While early on in this blog I mentioned a few challenges and noted that I had signed up for a few and totally bombed. So I'd made the decision not to take up challenges, as I just don't feel really well about myself when I fail to meet the challenges expectations. However I sorta like the idea of striving toward finishing a set challenge, or a list of books to be read. So, while I have pretty much made my decision not to sign up for any challenges publicly, I HAVE decided that I would like to make a few personal challenges just for myself. Just to give myself something to work towards. But since they will be personal challenges, I won't feel bad if I fail to post on a public forum or don't meet the requirements,'s personal. =) So, look on my sidebar if you want to see the challenges I have set out for myself. Feel free to take up any challenges with me that you see there, and make comments here at my blog to let me know you are doing the challenge with me, but there are no limitations, or rules. Just the rules I set out for myself. We'll see how I do with these. This will also give me a another reason to keep this blog updated as well.

I still have not finished #8 of Cedar Cove Series, but I am hoping to have it finished before I head off for work at 8 pm.

Happy New the 1 person who reads this blog! LOL!