Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Reads

1.A Thousand Splendid Suns
2.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
3.Restless Hearts
4.Thirteen Moons
5.Blue Skies

TBR Challenge books: 3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Addicts TBR challenge for 2011 list

I am in a group at goodreads called Book Addicts, and every year they host a TBR challenge, basically to pick 12 books off your TBR shelf that has been on your shelf at least a year or longer and get them read during the year. Here's my list for the year:

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns
2. Thirteen Moons
3. The Pillars of the Earth
4. World Without End
5. One Tuesday Morning
6. Beyond Tuesday Morning
7. Blood of the Fold
8. Temple of the Winds
9. The House of Mirth
10. Blue Skies
11. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
12. Search for a New Dawn


-Something Blue
-That Summer

I am about half way finished with the first one on my list. I have to admit, that my reading mojo had been gone for the first of the year, here it is the 5th of the month and not a book has been finished yet, I think it may be because I am in my last 2 months before the baby gets here, and I just have a hard time getting comfortable to read. I just couldn't settle. I'd read half a page and hop up, then sit read half a page and hop up. But for some reason yesterday I was able to hammer out about 100 pages!!! It felt good to finally be able to sink into a book, I think I may get this one finished this week!!! I'm going to put this challenge on my sidebar so you can all follow my progress!

A glimpse at what I read in 2010

1. Dracula By: Bram Stoker 5/5
2. The Other Queen By: Philippa Gregory 5/5
3. Then Came Heaven By: Lavyrle Spencer 4/5
4. The Inheritance By: Louisa May Alcott 4/5
5. Foul play By: Janet Evanovich 4/5
6. Gracelin O'Malley By: Ann Moore 5/5
7. My Sunshine By: Catherine Anderson 5/5
8. Catch-22 By: Joseph Heller 4/5
9. A Girl's Best friend By: Kristin Billerbeck 4/5
10.The Little Giant of Aberdeen County By: Tiffany Baker 5/5
11.Moral Disorder By: Margaret Atwood 5/5
12.The Restoration By: Douglas Liversidge 3/5
13.A modest Proposal By: Jonathan Swift 5/5
14.Little Women By: Louisa May Alcott 5/5
15. The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova 4/5
16. Dead Until Dark By: Charlaine Harris 4/5
17. Water Dancers By: Terry Gambler 4/5
18. Captivated By: Nora Roberts 3/5
19. Anna Karenina By: Leo Tolstoy 5/5
20. Cutting For Stone By: Abraham Verghese 5/5
21. The Portrait of a Lady By: Henry James 4/5
22. Two For the Dough By:Janet Evanovich 3/5
23. People of the Wolf By:W. Michael & Kathleen Gear 5/5
24.Weep No More, My Lady By: Mary Higgins Clark 5/5
25.Leaving Ireland By:Ann Moore 5/5
26.Living Dead in Dallas By: Charlaine Harris 5/5
27.Stillwatch By: Mary Higgins Clark 4/5
28.The Magnificent Ambersons By: Booth Tarkington 5/5
29.The Kite Runner By:Khaled Hosseini 5/5
30. A Cry in the Night By:Mary Higgins Clark 3/5
31. Jane Eyre By: Charlotte Bronte' 5/5
32. Wicketts Remedy By: Myla Goldberg 4/5
33. Three To Get Deadly By: JAnet Evanovich 4/5
34.Firefly Beach By: Luanne Rice 4/5
35. The worlds Most Haunted Places By: Jeff Belanger 5/5
36.Wizards First Rule By: Terry Goodkind 5/5
37.Gilead By: Marilynne Robinson 4/5
38. Vanishing Acts By Jodi Picoult 5/5
39.Mother of Pearl By: Melinda Haynes 2.5/5
40. C is for Corpse By Sue Grafton 4/5
41. Great Expectations By: Charles Dickens 5/5
42. Outer Banks By: Anne Rivers Siddons 5/5
43. Keeping the Moon By: Sarah Dessen 4/5
44. The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank By: Anne Frank 5/5
45.Moment to Moment by: Barbara Delinsky 4/5
46. Little house in the Big Woods By: Laura Wilder Ingalls 5/5
47.Little House on the Prairie By: Laura Wilder Ingalls 5/5
48. Farmer Boy By: Laura Ingalls Wilder 5/5
49. Haunted Theaters By: Barbara Smith 5/5
50. On the Banks of Plum Creek By Laura Ingalls Wilder 5/5
51. Talking to Depression By: Claudia Strauss 4/5
52. Miss Julia Throws a wedding By: Ann B. Ross 5/5
53. Miss Julia Hits the Road By: Ann B. Ross 5/5
54. Miss Julia's school of Beauty By Ann B. Ross 4/5
55. Montana Sky By: Nora Roberts 5/5
56. Savannah Blues By: Mary Kay Andrews 5/5
57. Downtown By: Anne Rivers Siddons 5/5
58. Haunted Hotels By:Jo-Anne Christensen 5/5
59. Ramona the Pest By: Beverly Cleary 5/5
60.The Mystery at Lilac Inn 5/5
61.Harriet the Spy By: Louise Fitzhugh 5/5
62.D is for Deadbeat By: Sue Grafton 4/5
63.E is for Evidence By: Sue Grafton 4/5
64.The Bungalow Mystery By: Carolyn Keene 4/5
65.F is for Fugitive by: Sue Grafton 4/5
66. Haunted Houses By: Edrick Thay 5/5
67. Four to score By: Janet Evanovich 4/5
68. The Scarlet Letter By: Nathaniel Hawthorne 4/5
69. The Swan Thieves By: Elizabeth Kostova 5/5
70.Every Last One By: Anna Quindlen 5/5
71.Victorine By: Catherine Texier 4/5
72. G is for Gumshoe By: Sue Grafton 4/5
73.The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini 4/5
74. The Silver Needle Murder by: Laura Childs 5/5
75. Visions of Sugar Plums By: Janet Evanovich 5/5

76. The Lost Quilter by:Jennifer Chiaverini 5/5
77. H is for Homicide By: Sue Grafton 5/5
78. The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder By: Rebecca Wells 4/5
79. The Aloha Quilt By: Jennifer Chiaverini 5/5
80. Fireside By: susan Wiggs 4/5
81. A New Song By Jan Karon 5/5
82. Candy Cane Murder By: Joanne Fluke 4/5
83. Someone to Love By: Jude Deveraux 4/5

My goal was to get to 75, and I got to 83!!! So didn't do so bad this year!!! =) I had a page goal of 22,500 and got to 28, I made that challenge as well!!! Over all an amazing year of reading. Not sure how 2011 will go as I am expecting my first baby in March but I'm still shootin' for 75 this year as well! And I am going to try to get more reviews in this year as well! We'll see how I do on that!!