Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Reads

1. Being Committed A. Maxted
2. Dreamland S. Dessen
3. Ghost stories of Georgia C. Wangler
4. Getting Over it A. Maxted
5. Ghost Stories of California B. Smith

Non Fiction: 2

Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Review: Ghost Stories of California

Title: Ghost Stories of California
Author: Barbara J. Smith
Pages: 224
Personal Rating: A or 5/5
Book count for the year: 12
Page count for the year :4190
I loved this book!! It was well written, and held various accounts of different supposedly haunted places in California. As I am really in to the paranormal, and true ghost tales, this one was right up my alley! And the added bonus being I was born and raised in California, living the first 27 years of my life there, I knew of some of the places they spoke of.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book Review: "Getting Over It"

Title: Getting Over It
Author: Anna Maxted
Pages: 403
Personal Rating: A or 5/5
Number read this year: 11
Pages read for the year:3,966

This was the second book of Anna Maxted's that I read, and I remember really enjoying it. It was a fast read, very funny, somewhat along the lines of Bridget Jones, and the Shopaholic books. Very light.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I shouldn't have...but I did!

Yesterday hubby and I went to Hastings to see what they had, and although I swore to myself, that I wouldn't get anything I couldn't help myself!!! I got these 4 new books! How could I pass up the price of 2.99? I couldn't! I have not read anything by these two authors. Then I got The House of Seven Gables, as I have sworn myself to more classics, and I got (used, mind you, so alot less expensive!) Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One in audio!

I normally am not a big audio book fan, but last summer realized I could sort of combine my two loves of reading and cross stitching, by listening to books as I stitched! So I went and invested in a few audio books on, and now I think they are boxed up and ready for the move, so decided what the heck? I'll just buy another one!!!

Ok, no more book buying for awhile now...yeah right!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Reading Thing 2009

My list for this challenge will be short and sweet, but I think it will be achievable. Don't want to be too ambitious.
1. Emma by Jane Austen
2. Texas Haunted Forts By Elaine Coleman
3. Getting Over It By: Anna Maxted
4. Just Beyond the Clouds By: Karen Kingsbury
5. I do (But I Don't) By Cara Lockwood
6. All This Belongs to Me By Ad Hudler
7. Colony By Anne Rivers Siddons
I'm Currently in the middle of three of these, and my seventh selection is a re-read.
Good luck to me! LOL
edited 3/22/09
Ok, I have been thinking about this spring reading thing, and have decided to really challenge myself. In the 2 1/2 months since the first of the year I have finished 10 books, so if I can read that much in 2 1/2 months I should easily be able to add about 5 more books to my list, to make it more challenging!
So here it goes:
8. The Clan of the Cave Bear By JeanM. Auel (This is a re-read, but it's been several years since I last read it, I'm actually in the middle of it and want to finish it!)
9. City Ghosts True Tales of Hauntings in America's Cities By: Mary Beth Sammons and Robert Edwards
10. Ghost Stories of California by: Barbara Smith
11. Ghost ships, Gales and Forgotten tales True adventures on the Great Lakes By: Wes Oleszewski
12.Ghosts on the Range Eerie True Tales of Wyoming By: Debra D. Munn
Ok, so THAT would be much more challenging!!! I hope I can do it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book ten

Yes, today I finished reading book #10 for the year...I'm falling sadly behind in my goal of reading 60 books this year. I'm not sure its truly gonna happen, but it is still early in the year so I still have time to catch up.

I have not been playing on the computer so much anymore, and spending a lot more time with my books so maybe I will catch up.

On my side bar I have the books I am currently reading and I've noticed Moby Dick and Clan of the Cave Bear have not moved at all. Which is about to change, I think. I keep reaching for new unread books everytime I finish one, and I need to put that old pile that is currently sitting on the floor next to my bed, on my nightstand so I SEE them glaring at me when I decide to read, instead of continuing to crack open new books.

It has also been rough because we are in the middle of a move, so things are all over the place, I have no clue where most of my brand new books are that piled up when I went on a stockpile binge this past summer. They are currently in a box in storage somewhere. I know I was able to save a few and stash them in my lower night stand drawer, but I keep thinking about other books that I KNOW I own and just don't have access to right now, and it tends to drive me crazy!

I am currently working on a few book reviews right now, and will be posting them here soon. I am trying to think of a good format that will be constant everytime I post a review, as I keep writing about books, but it's not very uniform here, just kinda a blurb "Hey! I read this book, it's # (insert number) in the year! I liked it!" and thats about it, but I want to start writing better reviews, ones that really dig a bit deeper into the book or the material within. So, we shall see how I do with that. If anyone has any ideas on how to do that and want to offer any help, I'd be grateful. Is there a format or something that makes it easier?

Well, off to work on a few reviews and maybe pick up a book before heading off to work for the evening.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being Committed

I finished this the other day. Great book! I would have had it finished much sooner, except that I had gotten into my Ghost tales book and kinda forgot about this one.

This is book 8 for the year! I feel like I should be much further along, however I am also busy with moving and doing alot of needlework as well, so with these other things fighting for my free time I had to spread my reading time out.

My new read is "Dreamland" By Sara Dessen. she is a YA writer, I have read her before last summer, and was captivated by her so much that I went and bought three or four more of her books and am just now getting into the next one of hers.

I also splurged and bought 5 new ghost books, one arrived in the mail yesterday. "Ghosts of Georgia" I couldn't help myself, I started right in on it last night.

Yearly page count: 3071

Yearly book count:#8

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A finish!

I finished The Best Tales of Texas Ghosts yesterday making 7 books read for the year. I got really caught up in other hobbies this week and so it tooka bit longer than I expected to finish this book, but it's donenow.

I loved this book, though I found the first half of the book a lot better than the last half, I don't know why.

Pages read for the year: 2219

Monday, March 2, 2009


Just getting through the Texas Ghost is a really quick read though, so I imagine I will have it finished very soon!

I sat down last night, actually early this morning, after work to settle into Being Committed By Anna Maxted, but didn't get very far, as my eyes started to drift closed, so I just said "I'll read when I get up", and disappointedly set my book back down and went to sleep!

So, I am excited to pick up that one here pretty soon, when I get done with my chores for the day. It is cold out, so what better to do than curl up in bed, (my favorite place to read) with coffee, and a bowl of Frito's (A favorite reading snack) and disappear into the world of Hannah, the main character of this book. This book is set in England, which I love, because I enjoy reading a different lingo than what we have here in the's cute, and fascinating. know? Chores be damned...I'm gonna curl up with it now!