Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being Committed

I finished this the other day. Great book! I would have had it finished much sooner, except that I had gotten into my Ghost tales book and kinda forgot about this one.

This is book 8 for the year! I feel like I should be much further along, however I am also busy with moving and doing alot of needlework as well, so with these other things fighting for my free time I had to spread my reading time out.

My new read is "Dreamland" By Sara Dessen. she is a YA writer, I have read her before last summer, and was captivated by her so much that I went and bought three or four more of her books and am just now getting into the next one of hers.

I also splurged and bought 5 new ghost books, one arrived in the mail yesterday. "Ghosts of Georgia" I couldn't help myself, I started right in on it last night.

Yearly page count: 3071

Yearly book count:#8