Sunday, March 22, 2009

I shouldn't have...but I did!

Yesterday hubby and I went to Hastings to see what they had, and although I swore to myself, that I wouldn't get anything I couldn't help myself!!! I got these 4 new books! How could I pass up the price of 2.99? I couldn't! I have not read anything by these two authors. Then I got The House of Seven Gables, as I have sworn myself to more classics, and I got (used, mind you, so alot less expensive!) Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One in audio!

I normally am not a big audio book fan, but last summer realized I could sort of combine my two loves of reading and cross stitching, by listening to books as I stitched! So I went and invested in a few audio books on, and now I think they are boxed up and ready for the move, so decided what the heck? I'll just buy another one!!!

Ok, no more book buying for awhile now...yeah right!