Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthday Book Loot!

Well, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I got some books for my birthday and I'm really excited about them, so decided why not blog about them?

Here is what I got:

Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling
Getting to Happy By: Terry MacMillan

and then for my Kindle I got the four books in the Lois Lowry "The Giver" series. Then I got the next two I needed for the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke: "Key Lime Pie Murder" and "Carrot Cake Murder". 

These should definitely keep me busy for awhile!  Not that I needed any new books, but it is always wonderful to get some new ones every so often!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

WHERE did this year go?!

Ok, so I know we still have a good 2 months left of this year, but man, it's flown by! And as usual, I have not been keeping up with this blog at all....oops....I am sad to say behind on my 75 book challenge for the year.  I logged the picture books I read to my 1 1/2 year old about cheating!!  With the baby books, I'm like 5 books ahead of my goal, without, I am sadly behind!!

Next year I am not going to even attempt a challenge....I am setting a goal of 50 books and THAT is IT! I am just too busy now with my little toddler to really focus on reading like I used to! I think 50-60 books is a good goal for me! I have not yet decided if I will make a pre picked list like I did for this year (which I strayed from quite a bit!) or just pick and pull as I go!

One thing the pre-selected list did for me this year was keep me from purchasing as many books as I normally do! Which was a good thing! So, I'm thinking maybe I will make a pre-selected book list, and tell myself if I read all of them, then I can reward myself with some buying! We'll see how that works!

Right now I'm on vacation, visiting my in laws. I'm getting some reading in. I brought "Woad to Wuin" By Peter David (The 2nd in the "Sir Apropos of nothing" trilogy) but then went to the library with the step mom in law and she recommended a book called "Lunatics", which I've been reading, and I've gotten about half way through it in about 2 days, so it's going pretty quick! I am really enjoying it, and am hoping I can get it finished before I leave here next weekend.

I am still also working my way slowly through "Atlas Shrugged" I started it towards the beginning of September, and by the last week of the month was STILL trying to finish it, so set it aside to read some smaller books so I'd at least have a few finishes under my belt for the month. In October I decided in order to be able to get some books done AND work my way through "Atlas", I would read 100 pages in atlas then read a shorter book, then read 100 in Atlas, then read a smaller book. I got quite a bit done in October.  I'm not sure on specifics, but I know I am behind on my monthly run downs, so I will know for sure how I did when I go back over them to update this blog!