Monday, October 22, 2007

My list of series.

Ok, I posted my list of books I want to read for the series challenge on my side bar, basically I am going to read the Mitford series books 1-9, and Anne of Green Gables 1-8, and the three books in the Sweet Magnolia's Trilogy. I was gonna throw in the Cedar Cove series, but nah. I think I'm good with what I got. I noticed that some of the other participants are only reading one or two books from a series here or there, but I thought what the heck, I may as well jump in with both feet, and knock out entire series. I have actually read Mitford series 1-5, Anne of Green Gables, the entire thing, but a long time ago, but the Sweet Magnolias trilogy is new.

A challenge for me!

I did it! I signed up for the "series book challenge". It doesn't start until December first, and I am super excited about this... Lets many series I wanted to read next year...actually thought about making it a theme for the year. I think I will go with...hmmm...oh who knows? I will have over 1 month to think about it! Or I can work on all of them.

Mitford Series
Anne of Green Gables series
Ceder Cove series
First North American series
Earth Children's Series

These are ones I really want to either re read or get into, or they have added books to the series awhile ago, and I want to get the new books and start the series over and include the new books. So much to read!!! I'm excited!

Themed Reading Challenge

To do, or not to do? I have sat and looked at the link to this challenge for a few minutes. I thought of different things that could be considered themes...Classics, Water, Native American Fiction. I really want to join. The thing is this year I joined the Summer Reading Challenge and blew it!

I don't know that challenges are for me. I am sort of a "pick up what I'm in the mood to read at the time" sort of girl, and I don't know how people with several challenges going at once do it! While I want to, I'm afraid! It's not that demanding of a challenge, either, where the summer one was short, only two months given, but this one you have basically 6 months! January through June. I am so tempted! Plus you are only required to pick 4 books, even though you can pick more. Maybe if I didn't go overboard and try to read a bunch like I did with my last challenge. I still have time to think about it! So, we shall see.

Friday, October 19, 2007

And another one finished!

I just finished reading book number 31 for my 50 book challenge about two minutes ago. It was "Power of a Woman" by Barbara Taylor Bradford. A great read for anyone who likes this genre. It was a fast read. I was actually supposed to be reading Tara Road and this one simultaneously, however, I found myself continuing to gravitate to "Power" more than "Tara Road", hence I finished it much quicker.

You know? Lately I have been drawn towards classics....I've pulled out several that I have in my stacks, but have not read yet. "Tom Jones", "Moby Dick" (which I am in the middle of) "Robinson Crusoe" which I completely forgot I even owned. A few Jane Austen's (ok, I have her complete works in one HUGE volume) "Wuthering Heights" "Portrait of a Lady", and some others as well which I don't remember off the top of my head. I have always wanted to get more into the classics, however I have just always been more drawn to more contemporary reading styles. I have a few more I want to buy, which are on my to buy list: "Don Quixote," "Picture of Dorian Gray" I just want to get more into the many oldies but goodies that are out there. I want to read those who took a stand and wrote first to pave the way for many of the writers today.

Anyway. Enough said. I mostly wanted to write about finishing "Power of a Woman." I will write a proper review later,right now I am off to hang out with Tom Jones.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bye by Harry Potter!

I am finally done with the Harry Potter series!! And that means I have finished 30 of the 50 books for this year's challenge. I have 20 more to go. I am hoping to finish the next two books this week: "Power of a Woman" and "Tara Road". "Power of a Woman" on Wednesday, and "Tara Road" by Friday...We shall see. I am not sure when I hope to finish Moby Dick, It is slow going on that one, but that is alright, I am enjoying it anyway.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Secret Hour

The Secret Hour
By: Luanne Rice
Pages: 395
Grade I gave it:A+ or 5/5
I am a die hard Luanne Rice lover so of course i fell in love with this one. It was a quick read, and I found myself missing it when I had to set it down to do something else, thinking about it, and longing to return to it.
A story about awidower, John O'Rourk who is an attorney that is defending a serial killer. The people of his town don't look too kindly on him for this, and him and his two children face trouble because of it.
When Kate Harris arrives looking for her sister, who she believes was a victim of John's clientJohn is faced with breaking confidentiality laws to help her find her sister. In the meantime, falling in love with her. Is Kate's sister dead? Or is she still alive? Only time will tell.
This book is filled with the mystery of a lost sister and best friend, and the blossoming love between John and Kate and the relationship that Kate builds with John's kids.
This one kept me turning the pages, wanting more.

A new review

"The Woman Next Door" by: Barbara Delinsky

pages: 371

Grade: A+ (5/5)

This was my latest finish. I could not put this one down! There was romance and mystery in just about every page.

From the back cover:

"Along with their husbands, Amanda, Karen, and Georgia are a close-knit circle of friends enoying seemingly ideal lives in an upscale neighborhood. But when they learn that their lovely younger neighbor, widowed for a year and presumably still unattached is pregnant, the strains and imperfectis of their lives come into full focus. As they ponder who the father might be, each ofthe women harbors suspicions about her own husband- each is forced to a crisis point that will strengthen or shatter her marriage."

The Author keeps you insuspence until the last pages to let you in on the secret of who the father of the widowers baby is, all the while dropping hints that make you believe it may be each one of the three friends husbands...but which one? It seems likely that each one could be it, but in the and you find out who it is, and it never is who you think it was! It keeps you turning the page, in wonderment of who it is!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slowly but surely

And moving right along...I finished "The woman Next Door" by Barbara Delinsky today and started Barbara Taylor Bradford's "Power of a woman". I have been trying to read Harry Potter #7 here and there as well as "Tara Road". They are both coming along slowly, but surely. I may reach my 50 book goal for this year yet.

I will probably reach it if I did what I did today. As when I was younger and still living at my parents house, I used to hold up in my room and lay in bed and drink soda or coffee and just read for hours. I did just that. I had a huge mug of coffee next to me and I drank and read, and the day just slipped away, as did another book on my list.

I really think I need to slow down on my buying though, I have a very full "to be read shelf", and I have five more books on order that should start trickling in here soon, And after these 5 get in, I am not buying anymore books, until I finish at least half of what is on my shelf right now. I have them in the shelf two deep, as well as smallish piles (2-3 books) on top of the books that are filed into the bookshelf. I think there are well over 40 books there. I have to get them read!!! Oh well, I am obviously working on it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Secret Hour

I finished The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice last week. And immediately started Tara Road by Maeve Binchy, I am also in the middle of "The woman next door" By Barbara Delinsky. I can't seem to put that one down. It is so good, I plan on having it finished by the end of next week, if not sooner.

I still have not finished Harry Potter #7. I have less than 200 pages left to go on that one, I really should make it my goal to finish it by the end of next week. I think I ma doing ok on my challenge so ar, not great, seeing as how I am on book #28 of the 50 I wanted to read this year, and I only have 3 months left of the year. I should be much, much closer to my 50 book goal. but I shall continue to push on, and hopefully I can do it. I have taken on reading more than one book at a time now, so I am working on three at a time, which sorta makes things go a bit quicker.

I joined the other week, SO many books I want!!! I keep getting new ones, enough to keep me reading for awhile, my TBR shelf is FULL to the max!!! I seriously need to finish more before I buy any new ones, but I just keep buying more!

Oh well at least I won't be wanting for my next year's challenge, I already have a shelf full of books to be read.