Monday, October 22, 2007

Themed Reading Challenge

To do, or not to do? I have sat and looked at the link to this challenge for a few minutes. I thought of different things that could be considered themes...Classics, Water, Native American Fiction. I really want to join. The thing is this year I joined the Summer Reading Challenge and blew it!

I don't know that challenges are for me. I am sort of a "pick up what I'm in the mood to read at the time" sort of girl, and I don't know how people with several challenges going at once do it! While I want to, I'm afraid! It's not that demanding of a challenge, either, where the summer one was short, only two months given, but this one you have basically 6 months! January through June. I am so tempted! Plus you are only required to pick 4 books, even though you can pick more. Maybe if I didn't go overboard and try to read a bunch like I did with my last challenge. I still have time to think about it! So, we shall see.