Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slowly but surely

And moving right along...I finished "The woman Next Door" by Barbara Delinsky today and started Barbara Taylor Bradford's "Power of a woman". I have been trying to read Harry Potter #7 here and there as well as "Tara Road". They are both coming along slowly, but surely. I may reach my 50 book goal for this year yet.

I will probably reach it if I did what I did today. As when I was younger and still living at my parents house, I used to hold up in my room and lay in bed and drink soda or coffee and just read for hours. I did just that. I had a huge mug of coffee next to me and I drank and read, and the day just slipped away, as did another book on my list.

I really think I need to slow down on my buying though, I have a very full "to be read shelf", and I have five more books on order that should start trickling in here soon, And after these 5 get in, I am not buying anymore books, until I finish at least half of what is on my shelf right now. I have them in the shelf two deep, as well as smallish piles (2-3 books) on top of the books that are filed into the bookshelf. I think there are well over 40 books there. I have to get them read!!! Oh well, I am obviously working on it!