Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Secret Hour

The Secret Hour
By: Luanne Rice
Pages: 395
Grade I gave it:A+ or 5/5
I am a die hard Luanne Rice lover so of course i fell in love with this one. It was a quick read, and I found myself missing it when I had to set it down to do something else, thinking about it, and longing to return to it.
A story about awidower, John O'Rourk who is an attorney that is defending a serial killer. The people of his town don't look too kindly on him for this, and him and his two children face trouble because of it.
When Kate Harris arrives looking for her sister, who she believes was a victim of John's clientJohn is faced with breaking confidentiality laws to help her find her sister. In the meantime, falling in love with her. Is Kate's sister dead? Or is she still alive? Only time will tell.
This book is filled with the mystery of a lost sister and best friend, and the blossoming love between John and Kate and the relationship that Kate builds with John's kids.
This one kept me turning the pages, wanting more.