Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reviving this blog!

I haven't posted here in forever! But I'm still reading....infact this year I read 83 books! I wanted to try to reach 85, but that isn't going to happen. I seem to be in a huge reading slump right now, and then with all the holiday stuff...nope, not gonna happen!

Next year, I do want to post to this blog regularly, to include:

Monthly TBR's
Monthly Rundowns
Weekly Reads
Book hauls

So thinking about  6-8 posts a month! We will see if that happens!

Here are a few plans I have for reading in 2015:

-Read 50 books (This is quite a bit lower than I usually set my yearly goal, however I read SO much this year, that I neglected a few of my other beloved hobbies and so next year, I would like to focus more on some of them, by not reading so much!)

-Clear my TBR shelf of books that have been on it since 2008 and before. (I have about 35-50 of these. Some that have been on there almost 20 years. It's time they stop taking up room, so I can buy more new books! So I'm either gonna read them, or donate them!)

-Only buy 2-3 books a month  (Not quite putting myself on a full on ban, but this year I bought over 130!!! So, slowing down, for sure.)

-Last but not least: post here on my book blog more!

So, that's it.

We will see what happens!

Merry Christmas all my readers, if I have any left! And Happy New Year!


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Welcome back! I think I hit 74 books for 2014, which is my lowest amount in years.

Joy said...

Thank you Holly!!! Looks like you had a good reading year in 2014!! Happy reading in 2015!