Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Monthly Run down

I did pretty good this month! I read 7 books, which is amazing, I must have read some really good ones! I am thinking that I am not going to reach my 75 book goal for the year. I just have waaay too many chunksters to get to this year. So, let see what did I read in August?

1.Black Hills, by Nora Roberts ***
2.This Lullabye By Sarah Dessen *****
3. The Bestseller By: Olivia Goldsmith *****
4. Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris *****
5. Definitely dead By: Charlaine Harris *****
6. The Girl Who Played with Fire by: Stieg Larsson *****
7. War and Peace By: Leo Tolstoy ****

I was soooo proud of myself for finishing War and Peace by my goal date of Sept. 1st!! I got it finished 2 days early!!!

This was a good reading month for me, as I only got 4 done in July, so 7 is really good! I am still behind quite a bit on my challenge for the year. I have 49 done and 26 left to go, so that is 6 and a half to be read every month from now until the end of the year, for the reason of having too many chunksters to finish for the year, I am not seeing this happening, but maybe I can eek a few tiny ones out here and there. We shall see. I am not too worried about it, since last year I read 8 more than my goal number, so did really well! If I don't make it this year I shall look at that title "War and Peace" and know I did fine! Not only that but I have read 17,136 pages this year which is approximately 349 pages per book I am doing fine on the whole page goal. (which is 18,000) So, I'm doing ok.