Friday, August 5, 2011

July: Monthly Rundown

Sadly, I only got 4 books read in July!!

1) One Tuesday Morning By: Karen Kingsbury
2) Beyond Tuesday Morning By Karen Kingsbury
3) The House of Mirth by: Edith Wharton
4) Stone of Tears by: Terry Goodkind

The first three were for the TBR challenge, and the fourth was a pre-requisite for two books on my TBR challenge. (I have books 3 &4 of the Sword of Truth series on my TBR challenge list, but I had to finish #2 first, which was Stone of Tears)

I am hoping this month will be full of alot more books. I already have one read, and will probably finish another today. I'm hoping to get 6 finished this month, if not more! We shall see! I think I can do it, if I pick the right books! Obviously last month I didn't! Stone of Tears was about a million pages long (ok, only 979, but it was LONG) The House of Mirth was a classic, and while parts of it were good, for some reason classics just don't read as easily as contemporary fiction. And I couldn't tell you why the two by Kingsbury took me so long to read, I thought they'd be fast, but I found them sadly kinda boring, which stinks, since I bought #3 in the series before I realized this! So, I ordered it on Amazon, and it will be here soon. Guess I'll read it, I DID afterall buy it, so I might as well. So, keep your fingers crossed for me that I will get more than just 4 measly books in this month, even though my big goal for this month is to finish "War and Peace".

Ok, off to enjoy the typhoon that is ripping up our island, and read a bit before trying to sleep, which will be kinda hard since there are 100 mph winds roaring through the place!!!