Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turtle slow!!!

for some reason this year I am reading SOOOOO slow!!! I have only read 7 books so far!! I think it is because of watching too much TV, playing online and my pregnancy!! My baby will be here next week (We induce on Weds!) and trying to get comfy when you feel this fat is just a hard thing to do! So Not a whole lot of reading has happened!! I also am behind in reviews...obviously since i've not written a thing yet!! Well just a short note...I will try to get back on here and get a review or two written this week, before my tiny one shows up! Who knows what this blog will be after she makes her appearance?


Jules said...

That's an interesting picture in your header! Are those the books you chose for this year??? Well, read and stitch while you can. Before you know it, your free time will be taken up with baby! (hugs)

Shannon said...

Hi jules! No the picture in my header is my TBR shelf!!! That is proof that I cannot help buying books!!! My hubby doesn't understand my obsession with buying, buying, buying books, but this way, it's kinda like having my very own little "bookstore"! That pic was taken about two years ago, so it's gone down a bit, but not by much!!! LOL

Holli said...

Good luck next week! I'll be sending good thoughts your way for your delivery :)