Thursday, January 7, 2010

Library Loot

Today I went to the library as if I need any books!! lol...This was what I got:

1) The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott
2) Water Dancers By:Terry Gamb
3) Catch-22 by:Joseph Heller
4) Little Women By:Louisa May Alcott
5) The Little Giant of Aberdeen County By: Tiffany Baker

1) Foul Play by JAnet Evanovich
2) Moral Disorder By Margaret Atwood

1) The Restoration By:Douglas Liversidge

I posted a photo because I love the way a stack of books look. =) I know, I'm weird!

I also traded in my 11 trade ins for 11 others, some I will probably keep, like "The Diary of Anne Frank", and Ken Follets "The Pillars of The Earth", and some I will probably trade in again.

I was also bad and ordered 5 new ones from paperbackswap. 4 books, and 1 audio book.

Yesterday I finished reading "The Other Queen" by Philippa Gregory, today I finished "Then Came Heaven" By: LaVyrle Spencer. I listened to Then came Heaven while I worked on my Cross Stitch this week. I love that I can combine my love of reading with my love of Cross stitch, I can do them (sorta) at the same time!

So, I have two reviews to write sometime very soon! =) Off to dive into this stack of books!


Julie said...

Janet Evanovich is a great writer!

Joy said...

She is very funny!!!

Shelleen said...

I love Evanovich and I have read a few LaVyrle Spencer.

mark said...

Cool ! Glad I'm not the only one who posts "library loot" on a blog !
And I just returned from the library with MORE !! I am pathetic !!
Someday stop me !!
Happy reading !