Monday, June 8, 2015

What I plan to read in June

As I stated in my May wrap up I am out of my reading slump and ready to hit the books this month! I'm actually really excited about quite a few books I want to get to, so here it goes!

1. Get to Page 713 in "Prairie". I am STILL slogging through this one, slow and steady...or not so steady at times!
2. Get to page 537 in "Count of Monte Cristo" Yup. I'm still slowly picking my way through this one as well.
3. Finish Hold the Dream  by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I started this one last month and am hoping to finish this one and move onto:
4.  To Be the Best the next in Emma Harte series by Barbara Taylor Bradford. (Get at least half way through)
5. Finish David Copperfield by Dickins. I am currently listening to this on Audio. I am about 80% done with this so should be able to finish it this month.
6. Start Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews. This is an audio.
7. Finish Since You've Been Gone by Anouska Knight.  (I started it May 30th and finished it June 1st.)
8. Get halfway through Love the One you're With by Emily Giffin.
9. Start The wizard of Oz This is on my kindle and I'm hoping to get about half way done with it. It's fairly short only about 150 pages, so should be easy. I may even just shoot to finish it.

So, I think I have some ambitious goals for this month. So, we will see how I do with this list. Good luck to me!

Happy reading!