Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book review-Salem Falls

Title: Salem Falls
Author: Jodi Picoult
Pages: 514
Personal Rating: 5/5

From the back cover: A handsome stranger comes to the sleepy New England town of Salem Falls in hopes of burying his pas: Once a teacher at a girls' prep school, Jack st. bride was destroyed when a students crush sparked a powder keg of accusation.  now, washing dishes for Addie Peabody at the Do-Or-Diner, he slips quietly into his new routine and Addie finds this unassuming man fitting easily inside her heart.  But amid the rustic calm of Salem Falls, a quartet of teenage girls harbor dark secrets-and they maliciously target Jack with a shattering allegation.  Now at the center of a modern-day witch hunt, Jack is forced once again to proclaim his innocence: to a town searching for answers, to a justice system where truth becomes a slippery concept written in shades of gray, and to the woman who has come to love him.

Personal Thought and Reflection: Loved this book! I had a rough start with Picoult, but have since found magic in her books. She writes on some very tough subjects that tug at the heartstrings and brings her readers to strong emotion. I experienced so much during my reading of Salem Falls.  I felt angry, hopeful, fear, dread, and happiness at the end result. Picoult somehow makes her readers want to pull for the underdogs in her story. You fall in love with them, and start hoping with them that the end result with be in our favor. I have two more of Picoults works on my shelves and am looking forward to reading them!