Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Book review #6: Where Two Ways Met

Author: Grace Livingston Hill

Personal Rating: 4/5

From the back of the book: Handsome Paige Madison didn't know what to do. He had returned from the war and was on his way to building an exceptional career with a prominant businessman. But, though Paige couldn't quite put his finger on it, he was sure there was something wrong, maybe even unscrupulous, about his new boss. And to make matters worse, his boss's beautiful, headstrong young daughter had decided she wanted Paige-and that she would do all she could to make him want her as well.
then, in the midst of his confusion, Paige is thrown together with a lovely young minster's daughter when they try to help a family in need. Both drawn and challenged by this girls gentle faith, Paige soon finds himself faced with a vital decision.
Which girl should he trust with his most precious possession: his heart?

Personal Thought and Reflection: This book was published in 1946, so it was quite old fashioned, with old fashion goodness at the core. However, Grace Livingston Hill still wove a pretty enchanting tale! I have a few others of hers on my shelves and I am looking forward to what is coming next! If you want a good clean book with Christian themes and undertones I would go with this!