Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Book Review #3: Every Breath You Take by: Ann Rule

Title: Every Breath you Take

Author: Ann Rule
Pages: 681
Personal Rating: 5/5

From the Back Cover: In perhaps the first true-crime book written at the victim's request, Ann Rule untangles a web of lies and brutality that culminated in the murder of sheila Blackthorne Bellush-a woman Rule never met, but whose shocking story she now chronicles with compassion, exacting detail, and unvarnished candor. Although happily ensconced in a loving second marriage and a new family of quadruplets, Shelia never truly escaped the vicious enslavement of her ex husband, multi-millionaire Allen Blackthorne, a handsome charmer- and a violent, controlling sociopath who subjected sheila to unthinkable abuse in their marriage, and terrorized her for a decade after their divorce. When Sheila was slain in her home, in the presence of her four toddlers, authorities raced to link the crime to Blackthorne, the man who vowed to monitor sheila's every move in his obsessive quest for power and revenge.

Personal Thought and Reflection: This is my first time ever reading a book by Ann Rule. Never thought I would enjoy a true crime novel so much! I raced out almost as soon as I'd turned the last page and grabbed 3 more of her books and they are currently gracing my TBR shelf now, and there are so many more I want to get from her. Her background info and detail is phenominal. I absolutely could not put this down!!! If you enjoy true crime stories grab a book by Ann Rule, you won't be disappointed!