Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Book Review #1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Title: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Author: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Pages: 444
Personal Rating: 4/5

From the Back Cover: Life-long friends, they went their separate ways. now they are togehter again, though each holds secrets fromt he others in his heart. They speak of a world shadowed with rumors of war. They speak of tales of strange monsters, creatures of myth, creatures of legend. They do not speak of their secrets. Not then. Not until a chance encounter with a beautiful sorrowful woman, who bears a magical crystal staff, draws the companions deeper into the shadows, forever changing their lives and shaping the fate of the world.

Person thought and reflection: I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book! My husband has been hounding me for years to read this series, and they have been gracing my TBR shelf for about 2 years now. I finally decided to just take the plunge....I came up satisfied!

These were written in the 80's, so they have been around for awhile, so I'm a little behind...only about 20 years, no biggie! But I can say I am glad I did finally pick this up. I am not a fan of sci- fi, or fantasy. In 2010 I read the first book in the Sword of Truth series, and enjoyed it well enough. Then last year I tried the 2nd in the series, and my enthusiasm for the series waned. These feelings made me really hesitant when reaching for the Dragonlance series. However,I am glad I didn't let Terry Goodkinds works keep me from picking up the likes of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. These two are amazing writers! They made me laugh and drew me into the journey right alongside their characters. The signs of truly masterful writers.

While I will not be reaching straightaway for #2 in this series, as I have other books I would like to get through first, I can guarantee it won't be long before I visit the companions of this tale in their next adventure Dragons of Winter Night.

Whats next on my stack? The Romance Readers Book Club by: Julie L. Cannon