Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank you! Merry Christmas and a TBR challenge list!

First off thank you to Kimberly at Turning The Pages for such an encouraging comment!! I am definitely going to try to keep this up! The reading part is the fun/easy part for me, it's the writing part that is sorta hard. The reviews and such! But I will keep trying to write as much as I can! Maybe If I hand write out my reviews first. For some reason my brain works better with pencil in hand then when I try to type out how I feel about a book. And part of it is pure laziness, or being too busy with other things! The other thing I think that deters me is the fact that I don't read new releases often, since my TBR shelf overfloweth, with books that I purchased a long time ago, so I think "Why review that?! Everyone has probably already read it!" But then I think Well the reason I started this blog was to keep track mainly for myself what I read, so why should I care what other people think? And who knows? Something I write just might help someone else want to read a great book I read, even if it's been on the shelves for years and years.

That being said I have once again joined the TBR challenge at The book addicts group on Goodreads, and the challenge is to read 12 books off your TBR shelf during the year. The books must have been on your shelf for at least a year. So, that means no publication dates from after Jan 1 2011. Lord knows I have plenty to choose from! So, here's my list!

1. Three Fates By: Nora Roberts
2.Of Mice and Men by: John Steinbeck
3. Girls Night In By: several authors (short stories!)
4. The Romance Readers' Book Club by: Julie L. Cannon
5. Nostalgic Noel A collection of 4 Christmas stories by various authors
6.The Appeal By: John Grisham
7. Ask Again Later by: Jill A. Davis
8. The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Nighttime By:Mark Haddon
9. Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore
10. Mansfield Park by: Jane Austen
11. Waiting to Exhale by: Terry MacMillan
12. Every Breath You Take by Ann Rule

You are allowed 2 alternates as well and for those I picked:
1.Summer breeze By: Catherine Anderson
2. The Summerhouse By: Jean Stone

I just realized that out of those 14 books 10 of them are from authors who are new to me! Wow! I may find me some new favorite authors this year!

Well, that's it for me here, but before I go I would like to say a big Merry Christmas to all you who took the time to read this! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and have a great New Year Holiday and next year? If you don't see reviews here, be sure and leave me a comment and say "Hey! I'd love to see a review for ::insert title here!::"