Friday, May 13, 2011

Monthly Progress.

Well, so far reading this month is going alright. I have finished 2 of my library books that I got a week ago. Then I started two more, which for some reason I can't seem to get much reading in at all lately, they are going so slow!! I don't think it is the books that are slow I think it is me!! Everytime I sit down to try to settle into a book I think of something I need to do, or the baby starts crying, and I hop up after just a few pages! This is annoying! I would like to settle on the couch for just a few hours to get really into one of these books (Right now i'm reading the boleyn Inheritance and Standing in the Rainbow) I finished "Safe Haven" and "The Christmas Train" within a few days time, and now I feel as though I just can't get into my reading...what is with that?!

I am also noticing my computer habit is in the way too! I am forever on Facebook and Goodreads and Twitter just doinking around. And then I kick myself for not doing other worthwhile things (Like reading!)

Anyway. I hope I find some time to read soon, I feel like I am falling further and further behind in my challenge for the year. And that frustrates me, but then it is my fault most the time, since I can't seem to stop myself from turning on the computer....::sigh:: I remember the days before the internet got so big and I would rip through books like water, but now other things consume my time.

I know this is a rambly post, but I don' think anyone even reads this thing anyway so it doesn't matter. I need to do more reviews and less rambeling. Maybe I should shut this blog down altogether....or combine it with my other blog, that I have for my cross stitching obsession...I don't know...I see today I lost a follower, of course they are still friends with me on goodreads, but loosing a follower when I have precious few, hurts....oh well. My moaning and groaning session will now come to an end!

I hope all my readers have a lovely weekend!