Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm still pushing ahead!

Just a quick update on my latest reads...

#68-The Scarlet Letter ****
#69-The Swan Theives *****
#70- Every Last One ****
#71-Victorine ****

Only 4 more books to go to reach that 75 books read for the year goal!!! I am SOOO close!!! But I think it is do-able!!

My one regret for the year is that I don't think I will get War and Peace completed. I'm on page 475 of 1455....and If I concentrate on it I don't think I will finish my 75 book schallenge, but I may try anyway!! We shall see...I think at this point I only need to read 20 pages a day of W&P to actually finish it by the end of the year, which seems easy, but it's just pickin' that sucker up!!! And Once I DO pick it up I enjoy it most the time...However, I DID just get a huge library haul the other day (9 books) and am eager to get to them too! Ohhhh too many books, not enough time!!!