Saturday, May 29, 2010

Firefly Beach: A book Review

Title: Firefly Beach
Author: Luanne Rice
Pages: 379
Personal Rating 4/5
Number read for the Year: 34

From the Back cover: Coolly sophisticated and steadfastly single, Caroline Renwick has always been the sister everyone could count on. As she and Clea and Skye gathered at Firefly hill, their childhoos home, caroline thought that they had all put the past behind them. But as summer gets underway, a mysterious man arrives- a man who has the power to bring it all back...

Joe Connor was only six when his father dies at Firefly hill. Though he and Caroline had never met, the five year old girl reached out to him. They became pen pals, and friends, untill a teenaged Joe finally learned the truth about what had happened to his fatehre that night. Now after years of silence, Joe is suddenly here...and Caroline feels a connection. But she can't help but wonder if this handsome man hold the key to her family's healing- or it's destruction. And in his presence, how long will she be able to guard her heart?

Personal Thoughts and Review: I am a long time fan of this author, I have read about 9 or 10 of her other works, and she brings me into her characters world quickly and fully. I find myself totally emersed in their feelings, and story, their pain, and anger, and their happiness too. Her character descriptions are full and leave you with no questions as to who these people are, making the reading experience very enjoyable.

I anticipate enjoying more of Luanne Rice's works in the future.