Friday, October 9, 2009

Not blogging much, but still reading obsessively

As my title says I don't know why, but I tend to ignore this blog. I don't mean to, I am very active at, and love keeping track of my books and what I am reading, and I LOVE to follow other books blogs (as you'll see my blogroll on my sidebar) but when it comes to writing about the books I am reading, I stink!!!

I must work on that.

Well, my yearly goal was to read 60 books, I am almost there! On # 56 now, so I think I should reach my goal there.

I have finished a few personal challenges as well. My Sci-Fi/fantasy challenge has been met. I read the His Dark Material's trilogy by P. Pullman. I really enjoyed them. I also met my "Read 40 books off my TBR list for this year" challenge as well.

I also did the Spring Reading thing challenge and finished it.

However a few of my personal challenges, thus far have gone un finished, but! I still have 2 and a little more than a half of a month to finish those.

Off to crack open the books, I would like to see a finish on "The Fountainhead" this week. We shall see how that goes!


Veens said...

God! I do that too! So that's really ok! :)

I am not even finishing the challenges, I have so much to read! I really hope to finish at least Orbis terrarum :(