Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another finish!

I just finished What a Girl Wants about two minutes ago. I had read it before, but a few years back, and had forgotten many of the tiny details of the story, so it wasn't completely ruined for me. Now I think I will move onto The first in the Mitford Years series. I have read these too, but again it was such a long time ago I don't think I will remember much of the stories, so they won't be ruined. I have the first 5 in the series, I guess there are like 9 now, but I never bought 6-9, so I think I will read the 5 that I have and then opt to buy the next four in the series.

Which reminds me I spent like 35 bucks on books yesterday at Lets see? What'd I buy?

Three books on Oprah's Book Club list:
~Anna Karenina
~The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
~Drowning Ruth

And three on the Ballentine Reader's Circle list:
~The Mirror
~Leaving Eden
~Entering Normal

And a classic by Henry James:
~A Portrait of a Lady

I have made the decision to try to read more classics and finish more lists (Book club lists and award lists, and classics, etc) than just randomly picking up a book and saying "Oh! That looks good, I want that!" I am also trying to break out of my women's lit addiction. I have a tendency to read only those authors which I have read before and love, most are women:

Maeve Binchy
Nora Roberts
Belva Plain
LaVyrle Spencer
Barbara Delinsky
Kristin Hannah
Luanne Rice

I am really trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to my book choices. And so I think I am doing pretty well with these new book choices. I am breaking out of my comfort zone. plus picking a list and working off it sorta gives one a sence of accomplishment, or a goal.

If you are like me and like lists of books to work through, check out:

There are lists of books galore! Plus music, movies, places to visit, and more. I am working on 13 lists myself...all book lists. Oprah's Book Club being one of them, Pulitzer Prize Winners being another.

Well, I am off to pick up The Mitford Years #1, and check in with Father Tim! LOL


cipriano said...

You will love Anna!
If not... tell me.
I will personally send you your money back!

Kelly said...

I agree with cipriano. Anna Karenina is an unforgettable read. So is Portrait of a Lady. Good choices; you'll get your money's worth!

Literary Feline said...

I opened the year by reading Anna Karenina and it was such a great way to start the year. I hope you will enjoy it! I have yet to read The Heart is a Lonely Hunter or Drowning Ruth, but both are ones I'd like to get to eventually.