Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge

Well, I just posted my introduction at the summer reading challenge blog...this is gonna be fun, somehow I don't think I will meet my challenge, because I picked quite a few books, 10 to be exact, and since I only have 9 weeks to get them done...and in this whole year have only read 13 so far...This is stretching it, but it may spur me on to get more reading done.
I picked to read for this challenge:

From the Anne of Green Gables series #'s 1&2 LM Montgomery
The Mitford Year's series: 1-3 J. Karon
The woman next Door B. Delinsky
Tara Road M. Binchy
What a Girl Wants K. Billerbeck
Hilltowns A.R. Siddons
Emma J. Austen

I am excited about this. I have already started Blue Smoke, and Anne of Green Gables. But I don't think it matters...It's my challenge, and my challenge for those two is to finish them! I'm off to get some reading in!


Kelly said...

Hi, Shannon! I saw your post at the Summer Reading Challenge. We're sort of in the same boat since I'm brand new to blogging, too. I just love the Anne of Green Gables series. Hope you enjoy those. I also have an Austen book on my list for the summer, Mansfield Park, so I'll be looking forward to your comments on Emma.

Stephanie said...

Hi Shannon! I saw your post on the SRC too! I did the same thing. Started READING book blogs, then decided I had to have one. That was in December. Lordy, though. One word of warning. It's totally addictive!

I love your list for the challenge and look forward to reading your reviews!