Friday, April 1, 2016

April TBR

These are the books I am hoping to get to in April:

-Finish Life Mask
-Read 500 pages (the first half) of "Dance with Dragons" By: George R.R Martin
- A Secret Affair" By: Barbara Taylor Bradford
-Love in Another Town by: Barbara Taylor Bradford

This is all I have laid out for now. I think it's keeping it simple, and easy to achieve. That's not to say I won't read other books, but I would really like to get to this list especially. So, we'll see how I do!

Hope you have a great month of reading! See yah soon!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Where is this year going?!

Is it really the end of March already?! Wow! Although I've not been here, posting, I have been reading. What have I been reading?  I will list them here, (after each title I will also write whether it was a physical copy or Kindle copy that I read for my own personal records)

in January I read:
"Starry Night: A Christmas Novel" By: Debbie Macomber (physical)
"Catching Fire" (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins (physical)
"A Storm of Swords" By: George R.R Martin (physical)
"Mockingjay" By: Suzanne Collins (physical)
"Against All Odds" (Heroes of Quantico,#1) By: Irene Hannon (Physical)
"You are a Writer" By: Jeff Goins (Kindle)

In February I read:
"An Eye for an Eye (Heroes of Quantico #2) By: Irene Hannon (Physical)
"In Harm's Way (Heroes of Quantico #3) By: Irene Hannon (Physical)
"Millie's Fling: A Fresh, Witty British Romance Comedy of Finding Love in Unexpected Places" By: Jill Mansell (Physical)

(February was not my best reading month this year.  My daughter had her 5th birthday, and my parents came out to visit and celebrate with us, for two weeks, so not a lot of reading got done.)

I know we still have more than a week left of March, but I will list the books I have read this month so far:

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by: Ransom Riggs (Physical)
"A Lady for Ludovic" By: Sarah McCulloch (Kindle)
"After the storm (Lightning strikes #2)" By: Bonnie McCune (Kindle)
"A Feast for Crows" By: George R.R Martin (Physical)
"Hollow city" (Miss P's #2) By: Ransom Riggs (Physical)
"Debt of Bones" By: Terry Goodkind (Physical)
"Miracle Beach" by: Erin Celello (Physical)

I am currently reading:

"Life Mask" By: Emma Donoghue (physical)
"Library of Souls" (Miss P's...#3) (physical)
"TikTok of Oz" (Oz #8) L. Frank Baum (Kindle)
"Out of Time" By: Deborah Truscott (kindle)

I think I will finish Library of Souls by the end of the month, that's what I'm shooting for anyway. We will see if it happens!

So, that's all that I've read so far this year, just to catch you all up.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

January TBR

I know, there is just about a week left of this month, so its silly to be doing a TBR for this month, but I thought I'd do one anyway, just so I can look back and see my progress through the year.

1. Finish "Starry Might by Debbie Macomber
2. Finish "A storm of swords" by George R.R Martin
3. Read "Catching Fire" Suzanne Collins
4. Read "Mockingjay" Suzanne Collins
5. Read "Against all Odds" by Irene Hannon

Every month my TBR will consist of only 5 items. That way I should be able to reach all my TBR's.

We'll see how this goes!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Welcome 2016!

So! I haven't been on here since September...close to 4 months I've got a lot of catching up to!

First of all I want to review last year, my reading goals, and how I did.

In 2015 My reading goals were:

1. Read 50 books DONE! ( I read 93!)
2. Read count of Monte Cristo DONE!
3. Try to buy less books than the previous year DONE! (I bought over 100 in 2014, and only bought 70 in 2015)

So, this was a really good reading year for me.  I far surpassed my goal of 50 books. But! Even though I am happy to say I read 93 books, I feel like I kinda cheated a little. As I "read" a lot of audio books, which I could listen to on my phone at 2x the speed and get through a book in half the time!  I also read a lot of Kindle freebie novellas and short stories.

So, while I read "a lot"....I don't feel completely satisfied with my reading year. I feel that I really should have spent more time on reading physical books and getting them off my TBR shelf, instead of perusing amazon to see if I could find short little books that I could easily read in an hour or two, just to get my count up.

So! This year, I have pulled 58 books off my physical TBR shelves and that is my goal. To finish those books. If that shelf of 58 books is empty at the end of the year, I'll count 2016 a success. I no longer am trying to read MORE just for the sake of having read a ton and have a huge number by the end of the year. I want to empty my physical shelves.  (I have over 800 books on my TBR shelf that I desperately need to get through, and get off my shelf.)  I will no longer go perusing Kindle freebies to find short books just to add another number to my list, I just want to enjoy my reading this year, and not worry about quantity, this year it's gonna be about quality.

So, basically that is my only goal for the year. I didn't join any challenges at any groups this year on goodreads. While I am doing the goodreads challenge, I have set it at 55. A mere 3 shy of my overall true goal. So, I'm not gonna kill myself trying to out-read the next person I'm just going for enjoying what I want to read.

I also would like to continue buying less this year. I would love to get down in the 30's in buying, and I think I may be able to do so, since I already have a predetermined list of books to read this year. I know I won't be able to read any new ones for a while so why bother buying any new ones?

I would also like to be present here on my blog more, and maybe get more reviews done, as well, as some other features such as monthly wrap ups, and TBR's and maybe weekly reads. I have content, I just never sign in here. That will change this year....fingers crossed!

I think that's about it for now. I hope you all have a lovely 2016 full of books and lots of reading, I'll see yah again soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September TBR

Here are the books I hope to get to this month:

1. To Be the Best By Barbara Taylor Bradford
2. Act of Will By: Barbara Taylor Bradford
3. It Happened One Week By Joann Ross
4. Maid for the Millionaire By: Susan Meier
5. Night Shift By: Nora Roberts
6. The Count of Monte Cristo (get to p. 1144)
7. To Live Again By: Catherine Marshall
8. The Patchwork Girl of Oz

So, not too ambitious. I will probably also read another book from my Kindle as well, but haven't quite decided what yet.  I've gotten a lot of new freebies lately so I'm excited to get into some of them!

So, We'll see how this month goes! I'm only two books away from reaching my Goodreads challenge, so there's really no pressure. But I like to have goals. So we will see!

Thank you for reading and I'll see yah again soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Catching up...

I think I'm a little behind...oops. I have been reading, just not updating my blog.

Here are the books I read in June:

1. Since You've Been Gone by Anouska Knight  (Physical book)
2. David Copperfield By Charles Dickens (Audio)
3. The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen (Physical Library)
4. I will always Write Back: How one letter changed two lives by: Caitlin Alifirenka Physical Library)
5. Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer (Physical Library)
6. The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand (Physical/Library)
7. Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin (Physical)
8. The Wonderful World of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Kindle)
9. Froggy Builds a Treehouse by Jonathan London (Audio)

Books read in July:

1. Domestic Malice (Murder She Wrote #38) by: Jessica Fletcher (Audio)
2. Ladies's Night By: Mary Kay Andrews (Audio)
3. Betrayal By: Danielle Steel (Audio)
4. Prairie By: Anna Lee Waldo (Physical)
5. The Awakening By: Kate Chopin (Audio)
6. Ugly Love By: Colleen Hoover (Physical)
7. Linger By: Kodilynn Calhoun (Kindle)
8. The Witness By: Nora Roberts (Audio)
9. Winners By: Danielle Steel (Audio)
10, Lessons in Laughing Out Loud By: Rowan Coleman (Physical)

Books read In August:
1. Marvelous Land of Oz by: L. Frank Baum (Kindle)
2. Ozma of Oz By: L. Frank Baum(Kindle)
3. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz By: L. Frank Baum (Kindle)
4. The Road to Oz By: L. Frank Baum (Kindle)
5. Hold the Dream By: Barbara Taylor Bradford (Physical)
6. My Fake Fiance' By: Lisa Scott (Kindle)
7. Kiss a Girl in the Rain By: Nancy Warren (Kindle)
8. The It Girl By: Cecily von Ziegesar (Physical)
9. Haunted Texas: Ghosts and Strange Phenominoa of the Lone Star state By: Alan Brown (Physical)
10. The 5:2 Diet Guide to weight Loss By: Kacey Anderson (Kindle)

So, you can see I HAVE been reading, quite a lot, actually.  I just haven't had a chance to get to the blog and post.

Thank you for reading, I hope I can get back and post an update again soon.  I have a few hauls to post as well.

Friday, June 19, 2015

June Book Haul #2

I hit up the Goodwill just to see if there were any good buys I could make use of there....lo and behold, I was not disappointed!

I was able to get:

1. Walking After Midnight by Karen Robards
2. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
3. 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell
4. Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand
5. Cold Sassy Tree  by Olive Ann Burns
6. From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

I truly went in thinking "Ok, I already got new ones just last week at 2nd and Charles, so I am only going to grab 2 or 3 NO MORE than 3" see how that worked out!

And now I'm going on another book buying ban until my birthday....maybe....

Happy Reading!