Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Secret Hour

I finished The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice last week. And immediately started Tara Road by Maeve Binchy, I am also in the middle of "The woman next door" By Barbara Delinsky. I can't seem to put that one down. It is so good, I plan on having it finished by the end of next week, if not sooner.

I still have not finished Harry Potter #7. I have less than 200 pages left to go on that one, I really should make it my goal to finish it by the end of next week. I think I ma doing ok on my challenge so ar, not great, seeing as how I am on book #28 of the 50 I wanted to read this year, and I only have 3 months left of the year. I should be much, much closer to my 50 book goal. but I shall continue to push on, and hopefully I can do it. I have taken on reading more than one book at a time now, so I am working on three at a time, which sorta makes things go a bit quicker.

I joined the other week, SO many books I want!!! I keep getting new ones, enough to keep me reading for awhile, my TBR shelf is FULL to the max!!! I seriously need to finish more before I buy any new ones, but I just keep buying more!

Oh well at least I won't be wanting for my next year's challenge, I already have a shelf full of books to be read.